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Direct thermal printing is typically slightly less expensive but produces images that are less durable under difficult conditions. Gprinter's goal is to provide efficient and cost ...

Thermal Transfer printers is highly reliable and optimally designed for bar code label printing. Gprinter provides all the supports to succeed with your thermal transfer printing s...


  • Manufacturing

    Product labeling, Category labeling, Instruction marking, Document labeling, Work-in-process control

  • Retail

    Price label marking, Item label marking, Jewelry label marking, Point of sale

  • Warehouse

    Management labeling, Inventory labeling, Shipping & receiving, Postal & mailing, Pallet labeling

  • Healthcare

    Patient ID tracking, medication tracking, staff ID & access control, healthcare materials management.

  • Logistics

    Picking & Shipping, Raw Materials Management, Item marking, carton/pallet labeling, Inventory control, document manageme...

  • Entertainment

    Ticketing printing, access control, dining-order fulfillment, receipt/coupon printing, parking lot ticketing, multiple-...

  • Electronic

    Label markings, receipt, product marking, multiple-up labels.

  • Management

    Government, Libraries, Banks, Education


Gprinter is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bar code label printers and tag printers, and other label printing requirements.

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